Art health is distinct from physiotherapy, art therapy, drama therapy, and music therapy.

An understanding of art therapy is involved with arts health. However, Arts-Health is not art therapy. Arts-Health provides practical social and cultural support that enhances, sustains and promotes wellbeing while maximising the therapeutic benefits of the arts. When compared to Art Therapy, where the practice revolves around a particular medium such as art, drama, or music, Arts-Health can be achieved through any creative expression and can be adapted to meet the symptomatic needs of the individual.


In arts-health existentialism, pneumology refers to perceptions about the body within. You would feel an internal sensation in your knee if you knocked it on a chair, as well as panic or dread in your mind. The knee would primary be aware of the damage, so, SOMATIC practice refers to an internal listening inward which is not to be confused with physiotherapy where internalising means inside the mind.  In arts health, our primary concern is internal perception, which is a sensory order rather than a mental or imaginary one.

The My Colourful Memories Practice is a unique branch of arts health that incorporates the theories and models of knowledge that define arts health. We developed our innovative practice at the University of Central Lancashire following two years of research and evaluation.


Our practice