We offer a wide range of Educational and Training Services

Our training and education workshops enable us to teach the fundamentals of our practices to health care professionals at care establishments, schools, and colleges about the benefits of our approaches.

Since arts health practices are not as widely known as art, music, drama, or psychotherapy, health care facilitators find our training sessions extremely valuable. As a result, carers better understand the needs of a person with dementia, which is crucial when providing daily care. We offer a three-hour introduction training program to introduce the practices of arts health approaches to care organisations. 

Providing arts health courses to health care professionals

We also provide a creative, positive approach to teaching schoolchildren about the changes that appear in people with dementia and the benefits of understanding these changes concerning being overwhelmed or anxious about a family member with dementia. In the context of teaching children, the use of art is crucial for creating an open discussion about dementia, which is vital for the teaching staff, as they may not be aware of the emotional changes involved in dementia, which can trickle down to family members of those with dementia, including children.

Throughout our training, we focus on delivering a sensitive and positive approach, ensuring that children are supported with an understanding of dementia, as part of our mission to reduce anxiety in individuals affected by dementia.

We currently offer these training services to organisations in the Hyndburn Ribble Valley, Burnley, and Pendle regions of the UK; however, we hope to expand our in-person training services soon.

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