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My Story Workshop

My Colourful Memories colouring workshops are a fantastic way of bringing people together. The workshop is focused around key life events and interests such as the participants wedding day, holidays, pets. The workshop can cater for up-to ten people, colouring worksheets or included within the price of the work shop.


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Hobbies & Interests

Our Hobbies and Interests colouring workshops are designed to encourage the groups favourite activities. Hobbies such as Motorbikes, Cars, Gardening, Cooking, and Reading are talked about and shared. Personalised colouring pages are created for each participant, your assigned activity coordinator will ask for this information once your booking as been confirmed.


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Music & Memories

Music and colouring are interlaced together in this creative workshop, colouring sheets are provided which depict well known singers and groups of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Our own pre-recorded music is played during the activity, this encourages the participants to sing-along to their favourite singer or group as they colour.