Our Projects


We have extensive experience in creating unique creative projects tailored to benefit people living with dementia.

My Colourful Memories offers creative resources and projects that are original and unique to our community. Like many grassroots organisations, we faced challenges at the start of the Covid pandemic in March 2020. As a result, we cancelled training events and care home sessions. Having realised that we needed to diversify our business, we created My Colourful Memories Direct, a platform for downloading digital resources that enabled caregivers, community connectors, and volunteers to support people who were isolated.

We have offered activities to the community for the past six years; we have received testimonials, comments, and feedback from care homes, residents, and service users that strongly suggest that our practices are beneficial to those with dementia. Research indicates that colouring meaningful images can improve the well-being of people living with dementia since it increases positive memories and stimulates conversation.

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