Let's work together

We certainly can’t do this on our own; luckily, since the beginning of our journey with My Colourful Memories, we have met some fantastic people from fantastic companies who have gone above and beyond to support us. The community sector is impressive, and the people working in it are all focused on improving the lives of others.

It would have been impossible for My Coloufil Memories to succeed without the assistance and support of the organizations listed below. In addition, we are always eager to work with community groups to share resources and support one another. If you own a community group or a company that sees how we can work together, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Let's work together to accomplish the same goal

It is always our goal to connect with non-profit organisations, charities and companies whose goals align with ours in improving the lives of those living with dementia. Please fill out the following form if you manage a business that might benefit from our collaboration.