IP and Copyright

My Colourful Memories CIC creates, illustrates and publishes its own activity resources, concepts, and artwork layouts in-house. Our designs can take months to complete, from the initial idea to the finished product. We are unquestionably a creative force when it comes to activity concept design. Our UK arts health practitioners are licensed to use the artwork and trademarks of our intellectual property.

We create work that supports people with dementia and collaborates and supports care establishments through innovative concepts and therapeutic methodologies. Sadly, some organisations sometimes copy and represent our concepts, designs, and branding incorrectly in their environments.

Despite our willingness to support companies and work with them, many are unaware of the complexity of the work and try to duplicate it. Many people are surprised to learn that our designs and trademarks are registered with the UK’s Intellectual Property Office.

Intellectual property laws protect our designs, and companies are advised not to copy our branding or designs. Additionally, it makes no sense to copy our designs. It would be much more cost-effective for us to host a workshop rather than to have someone reproduce the resources.

Working with us makes more sense than reinventing the wheel

By copying our resources without understanding arts health, they become entertainment-based rather than health-supporting activities. Because of our extensive experience in this field, it makes more sense to collaborate with us.