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Consultants receive access to our online training system and digital resource platform, which combines hardcopy and digital resources.
The platform makes it extremely easy for consultants to access materials.

As a community interest company, we’re always trying to reach out to as many people as possible. Independent Consultants can deliver our research-driven courses and workshops in their communities. As a result, they can earn a reasonable income and contribute to their local community. Members will access discounts and marketing materials, such as branded t-shirts, leaflets, business cards, compliment slips, and training. According to our research, colouring books can stimulate positive discussions when accompanying them with themed illustrations.

In addition, the resource allows caregivers insight into the lives of those they care for, including the resident’s favourite food, music, or television show. The principle of using visual communication to trigger conversations combines well with the fun activity of colouring.

In our consultant model we train people with the know-how and support to run a my colourful memories practice, independent of us. Independent consultants, however, have their own branding rights and model, and are independent of my colorful memories, but receive business support, contacts, and training to build their reputation and business locally. 


Starter Kit

Flyers –  5 x Movie and Memories Work Books – 5 x My Story Books – Pack of 10 Pencils.

We have reoriented My Colourful Memories to serve a larger community. Our consultancy offers people the chance to work independently as a consultant, part-time or full-time. Join us today and begin a rewarding and colourful career!

My Colourful Memories is the subject of a MA in Arts Health study at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. A Distinction was awarded based on the rigours of research, philosophy, theory, evaluation, and dissemination practice.

Become a part of our success

Due to the success of My Colourful Memories, the company is expanding its service offerings. Our six-year facilitation of the practice has yielded many positive results. An example involves a care home resident and a close relative participating in a colouring workshop. As the resident and relative coloured in a wedding day illustration together, they conversed at ease. Despite the resident’s diagnosis of dementia, the conversation developed fluidly and was insightful, which allowed the relative to gain new insights. According to the relative, their relative’s memory recall was minimal at the beginning of the session. At the end of the session, the resident remembered specific colours and the honeymoon destination, which had not previously been known.

Reporters from the Lancashire Evening Telegraph attended the session and reported these results. Neil, the founder of MCM, was delighted to be invited onto the BBC news programme North West Tonight (2016) to explain how he developed My Colourful Memories through his personal experiences of caring for my late father, who had Dementia and Parkinson’s disease. In 2018, the arts-health praxis was nominated and won the creative Hyndburn Business Award, reassuring the group that the practice has local value now; we aim to disseminate the project farther afield.

With My Colourful Memories, you will have everything you need to start your business with confidence. All new consultants are trained by our company; we must provide a comprehensive training program.

  1. Materials for the preliminary stages.
  2. Dementia Symtomology 
  3. Arts Health: A Foundation 
  4. Benefits for Patients and Carers.
  5. Benefits for the Healthcare Sector.
  6. Organising your practice. 
  7. Evaluation of your practice.
  8. Monitoring your progress.

Independent consultants have the option to work flexible hours and have a rewarding experience.

We charge a fixed hourly rate of £45.00 for sessions that include up to ten participants. It is beneficial for independent consultants and affordable for clients, representing £4.50 per participant.


Our training website provides consultants with access to courses which will enable them to gain the knowledge and skills required to provide our specialised services.

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