‘My Colourful Memories’ is based in Hyndburn, Lancashire and provides participatory art- health workshops and community projects for people with varied types of dementia.

Care Homes

Our work has shown to be beneficial to people living in nursing homes and other care facilities. The practice is highly person-centred and responsive to each individual's thoughts, ideas, and needs through individualised plans and activities.


NHS hospitals regularly use our resources on dementia wards, and we have received positive feedback. The tool is helpful for quickly establishing communication between staff and patients, and it is an individual activity that does not cross-contaminate.

Day Centres

Our work in adult day centres has demonstrated significant benefits for people living with dementia, primarily through the conversational aspects of practice. Community centres are excellent environments for connecting with people who live in the community. As our approach is ongoing, it can cross into households where people need stimulating activities.


My Colourful Memories is based in Hyndburn, Lancashire, and offers art-health consultations and community-driven projects for people living with dementia. One of the art-health practices of ‘My Colorful Memories’ involves colouring or painting people’s photographs.

Additionally, the practice assists carers in working with possible distressed feelings in people with dementia in a relaxed setting. Our main focus is on our group members, allowing carers to perform other duties while we focus on them. Participants with dementia experiencing distressed feelings showed a positive change during the sessions.

We combine a variety of art disciplines, including colouring, painting, craft making, and music. Moreover, the therapeutic sessions can help people overcome anxiety, loneliness, and communication difficulties. Our therapeutic sessions are available to care homes, hospitals, community groups, and daycare centres.

What’s the Cost?

Arts health sessions provided by independent consultants are very affordable. The cost of our consultation sessions ranges from £6.50 to £8.50 per person, depending on the requested activity. The cost for a 90-minute session is £65.00, with a maximum of 14 participants. The cost works out to approximately £4.65 per person. The service includes a 90-minute specialised therapeutic session, travel, resources, workshop preparation, post-session preparation, and progress reports and evaluations.

We provide our services to the following care groups

It is often assumed that we are merely offering basic colouring workshops. However, we have incorporated philosophical concepts into an elementary concept, so, on the surface, our work appears straightforward, but in reality, it is incredibly complex and thought-provoking.

We offer a range of arts health activity sessions

Our activities focus on a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

Although our work can appear to be entertainment-based, over five years of academic and research studies have supported that it positively impacts health and well-being in people with dementia.

We offer movies and memories colouring workshops in conjunction with quizzes and puzzles. We also provide colouring sheets of films and movie stars. Colouring sheets depicting film stars such as Tony Curtis and Rita Hayworth include fun quizzes. To illustrate, what was Rita Hayworth’s hair colour?’.’. This activity can be arranged for groups of up to 10 people.

This activity involves more than just colouring pages; it incorporates puzzles and easy-to-follow activities such as songs and phrases from bygone eras. With quiz questions and activities that relate to everyday life from the past and present, we encourage participants to interact with one another, thus promoting positive moods and gaining empowerment.

With a bit of help from us, you can create impressive works of art that are good for the environment. There is no need to discard materials that can be transformed into unique conversational pieces of art. We work with participants to create things that haven’t been seen for a long time. Workshops are not limited to the past; we also produce items we use every day, such as picture frames and keepsake boxes.

Our paper crafts revolve around seasonal events and special occasions. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, Halloween, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day are a few examples. Designed collaboratively, they make great displays for daycare centres and nursing homes. Family involvement is encouraged by combining many of these activities into message boards. Care home residents and those living with dementia enjoy this activity because it is collaborative.

Pop art takes inspiration from popular culture and mass media. Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and James Rosenquist were among the most famous artists of the movement. Various pre-printed illustrations of popular items and celebrities are available, and each participant colours paints their part of the picture. As the participant does not know what or who the picture is of, colours are not restricted. The result is stunning. The finished art looks fantastic in care home entrances or reception areas. 

We combine the tactic sensory activity of art-making with the therapeutic benefits of music in music and memories. Music is known to enhance our cognitive abilities, including our awareness. The workshops are incredibly therapeutic and allow the participants to re-connect with songs, including nursery rhymes. Staff members are often surprised to see residents sing along to songs they have never heard them sing before.

My Story colouring workshops are a great way to bring people together. Participants will discuss favourite foods, TV shows, holidays, pets, etc. Caregivers can learn helpful information through this activity, such as a person’s favourite food, music, or TV program. Up to ten people can attend this workshop, which includes colouring worksheets.

This session aims to provide therapeutic support to people with advanced dementia. Through positive therapeutic communication and activities tailored to the individual, we promote calm and redirected emotions through stress-relieving activities.

The participants are asked to submit photos of places, items, or people they cherish. These are then illustrated into a picture that can be coloured. Participants share stories and experience positive emotions, which contribute to their overall well-being. 

Here are a few comments and feedback from previous clients

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