Intergenerational Activities

A local preschooler group joined today’s monthly Respite for Carers session at the Clitheroe library. Young and old, were able to participate in the activity. Children and adults created sensory rattles out of discarded plastic bottles. We formed a production line and made over 15 different types of rattles, which everybody loved.

Additionally, paper plates were used to make spinning tops, which sparked a discussion about today’s and yesterday’s toys. The parents of the toddlers were delighted as the children were so engaged in the activity.

The National Lottery Community Fund provides funding for these sessions, which occur every month on the first Monday from 2 p.m to 4 p.m. Their purpose is to allow carers to take a break while their loved one participates in an activity that enriches and engages them. If children wish to join the event, we encourage the opportunity whenever possible.

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