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change Our Community.

Supporting the community since 2016, we are passionate about the benefits that conversation and creativity can bring in relation to person-centered activities for individuals living with dementia.



Using art, conversation, and memories to support 
people who live with dementia. 

    ‘My Colourful Memories’ is a community interest company (not for profit) based in Lancashire, England. Our research-based art health workshops are available to community centres, dementia cafes, hospitals, care agencies and care and nursing homes. We promote meaningful conversation and memories through various art-making processes to improve the quality of life of people living with dementia.

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We view our resources more as healthcare tools than as colouring books.

More than just colouring in

On the surface, it might seem like we offer colouring activities. In reality, we offer much more.







Through the power of art we can change our community 

Our work extends far beyond simple colouring. Many people mistake our work for mere coloring. Furthermore, it is sometimes construed as reminiscence work. As part of our work, we discuss the past, but we also consider the present and the future.  

“Engaging in conversation, interacting, and meeting new people, it was a fun experience.”
Carer – Respite Session
“She began to recognise the people in the picture while we talked. It’s an excellent communication tool.”
Support Worker, Carers Service

Our 3


Creativity is a crucial ingredient to our work, not only being creative in teaching creativity but also making the participant’s experience of the activity more significant to them. We use creativity from our client’s perspectives and adapt our sessions to tailor their requirements if necessary. Creativity is also vital to the overall company, and we strive to be innovative in our projects and resources to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia.

  • Innovative Projects 
  • Research-Based Practice
  • An Award-Winning Company 
  • Inventive Resources


It is crucial to work with like-minded people striving to reach the same goals in the community. Community awareness is essential. We are constantly striving to work with community groups to impact the lives of people living with dementia positively.

From the perspective of people living with dementia, the community is essential. We must strive to become the community’s vital link, referring people to relevant organisations for assistance whenever possible.

Our efforts to expand our services to other communities have led us to develop a consulting model that offers a rewarding venture for consultants.


Communication is a vital component of the therapeutic experience we strive to provide to our clients; we develop verbal, non-verbal, and perceptual skills as part of our practice.

There is an emphasis on the therapeutic value of each individual’s experience, not just the artwork’s aesthetic value. We do, however, encourage and teach art techniques. Participant and facilitator communication is crucial to ensure a positive and beneficial activity.


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You can order tickets for courses and activities through our events platform. We offer virtual and real-world events.

Orientation for new volunteers
  • Fri, 2:30 PM – Fri, 4:00 PM
  • Virtuel Event Via Zoom
Orientation for new consultants
  • Fri, 2:30 PM – Fri, 4:00 PM
  • Virtuel Event Via Zoom
Our Mission

Supporting people living with dementia through therapeutic art activities   

We observe the impact of our activities on the lives of people every day.
Our efforts will never cease.

We have resumed our community workshops, and we are working hard to ensure that each one is conducted safely.

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