Pack of 6 x Personalised Colouring Christmas Cards


Personalised Colouring Christmas Cards


Our team of illustrators will transform your photos into amazing Christmas cards.


Product Description

Personalised Colouring Christmas Cards


This product is delivered to you via post, we aim to have this item posted to you within 3-4 working days depending on demand, we will inform you of any delays in your order.


Once payment has been received you will be directed to our photo upload area.


Our photo illustration service is a unique and creative way of reminiscing special memories with family or friends.


Our team of illustrators will convert your photos into amazing Christmas cards.


Once payment has been received you will be directed to our upload area, this is where you can upload your photograph.


PLEASE NOTE: Accepted file formats are: JPG, PNG, GIF, the maximum upload size is: 5 MB per photograph. You will be directed to our photo upload area once payment has been received.


To comply with the UK Data Protection Act, before we are able to use an image or likeness of a person we will require permission.   We have provided a consent form which will require being signed by the person in the photograph or their legal guardian.


We have also provided an upload area for the signed consent form, so this can be uploaded this with your photograph.

If there are any difficulties uploading the consent form or photos, you can email them to


 Your photograph is converted into an illustrated picture and then added to the above Christmas theme.  A copy of the original photograph is shown on the first insert of the card.
 The message  ‘Coloured in, especially for you!’ is shown on the second insert.  The name of your care home or organisation can be added to the back of the card, this is optional.

   Please Note:   

The purchase of this product does not include any distribution or service rights.


By purchasing this product you agree that it is for personal use only and will not be used in a workshop environment or resold.


My Colourful Memories provide art health workshops to care homes, dementia cafes and community centres throughout the UK.


To ensure that our resources are used to their maximum capability within group activities, we advise the use of an independent consultant.


Please book a workshop by using our online booking form, Thank You!