Our activities are specifically designed to promote cognitive health

Family Colouring

Our family colouring workshops are designed to involve all the family with the activity of colouring, children are especially encouraged to attend. The workshops include work-sheets specifically created for children to connect with the senior generation.

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The Colouring Quiz

This activity is much more than just a colouring activity, it contains fun puzzles and easy to follow art exercises such as doodling. Conversations are encouraged through questions and creative activities related to the daily life of the 1940's -1970's.

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Painting Memories

This activity focuses on colouring with watercolour paints the workshop is suitable for all abilities. Colouring work-sheets are provide if you just want to paint and blank sheets are available if you wish to be a bit more creative. The workshop is themed around memories, participants are encouraged to bring their own objects to the workshop to paint or they can choose from a selection of pre-drawn images.

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Music & Memories

My Colourful Memories C.I.C. offers a variety of workshops which have been specially designed to encourage relaxation and positive thinking these include Family Colouring,  Colouring Quizzes, Painting Memories, Colour Your Photographs, Music and Memories, Painting, Life Story Workshop and Movies and Memories. Music and colouring are interlaced together in this creative workshop, colouring sheets are provided which depict well-known singers and groups of the 50's, 60's and 70's.

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Bespoke Colouring/ Painting

This is a fantastic workshop the group are asked to provide up-to two photographs each, the photos are then converted in-to colouring pages. This allows the participants to colour in their own personal photo, the activity as had great results.

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Painting for Relaxation

Painting workshops for seniors, enjoy the relaxing pastime of painting with watercolours. This course is suitable for senior citizens with a passion to learn the basics of painting using water colours. These workshops are organised by 'My Colourful Memories' and are regularly advertised in the events section.

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Movies and Memories

Our movies and memories colouring workshops combine colouring with quizzes and puzzles, colouring sheets of films and movie stars of the 1940's and 1950's are provided. Fun quizzes are included into the colouring sheets depicting film stars such as Tony Curtis and Rita Hayworth. An example being 'What was Rita Hayworth's hair colour ?'. The activity is suitable for groups of people up-to 12, please confirm the number of people attending with your assigned arts health practitioner after booking.

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Hobbies & Interests

Our Hobbies and Interests colouring workshops are designed to encourage the groups favourite activities. Hobbies such as Motorbikes, Cars, Gardening, Cooking, and Reading are talked about and shared. Personalised colouring pages are created for each participant, your assigned arts health practitioner will will ask for this information once your booking as been confirmed.

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My Story Workshop

My Colourful Memories colouring workshops are a fantastic way of bringing people together. The workshop is focused around key life events and interests such as the participants wedding day, holidays, pets. The workshop can cater for up-to ten people, colouring worksheets or included within the price of the work shop.

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