New Exciting Partnership with Kids Bee Happy

We have some really exciting news to announce from the 1st of January ‘My Colourful Memories’ will be in partnership with ‘Kids Bee Happy’.  The Company supplies Sand-Art workshops through-out the UK.


The collaboration will allow KBH consultants additional opportunities of offering creative services to their communities.


Our products and training will allow KBH consultants the tools and knowledge to provide workshops and courses in care, nursing homes, and community centres.


The products really do complement each other the partnership allows consultants additional resources enabling them to grow their Kids Bee Happy Business even bigger.

 Sandra Patterson, Director of ‘Kids Bee Happy’ and Neil Floyd Director of ‘My Colourful Memories’.

New monthly products will be available to accredited consultants via the Kids Bee Happy website,


Accredited consultants will also be able to purchase products at wholesale prices and then re-sell them at sales prices, or they can provide workshops at price’s set by them.


The partnership really does allow Kids Bee Happy Consultants more opportunities for growing their business.